Violeta Toteva



Violeta Toteva has a real passion for helping people improve their professional stature and over a decade ago to get involved in Healthcare recruiting. In 2007 she founded Advanced Medical and today her business continues to evolve. Violeta brings over 25 years of experience working directly with people including Sales, Human Resources and Recruiting. She came to the United States 22 years ago with a big dream, went to college for the second time in her life to add to her BS in Economics, BS in Business Management and Masters in Business Administration.

Violeta excels with Recruitment Strategizing and Planning, Leads and Candidates Sourcing, Building Candidate Relationships and Candidate Pipelines, Client Development, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources Management, Internet Research, Business Planning and Business Development, Consultative Sales, Marketing and Promotion, Budgeting and Financial Analysis. The best news for her is when she hears back from clients and candidates that they have made a decision to move forward and improve both of their situations and as a recruiter she’s been responsible for aiding in that decision.

She chose to align with RightWay Recruiting to represent the company in the Eastern marketplace and provide viable employment opportunities for East Coast Healthcare Professionals.