Loren Castillo



Loren Castillo joined RightWay Recruiting (RWR) at the beginning of 2012.  He’s been in recruitment for the past several years after starting his own company while still in college.  He obtained a real estate license early in life and started buying and selling houses successfully. He built his own real estate sales team and continued to invest in real estate.  With his help and through his recruitment efforts the sales team generated impressive lead volume and achieved $20M in revenue during the first full year of sales. He moved on to recruit successfully for other real estate groups and help them build their practices.

If you were to ask him what he attributes his success to, he’d simply say “great recruiting”.  His ability to establish and maintain relationships with candidates and clients is top-notch.  His approach to recruitment is straight-forward, matter of fact and the passion he has for recruitment is evident to those that have worked with him.  He’s been responsible for a significant part of the success at RWR since joining and continues to bring progressive ideas to the group that enhance progress and methodologies of recruitment.  His technical abilities have been a tremendous asset.