Healthcare Employers

Why choose to work with RightWay Recruiting?

Our focus continues to be directed at recruiting the most sought-after healthcare professionals in the disciplines that are the hardest for your internal recruitment staff or human resources department to fill. We believe that executive search should be motivated by one thing, and one thing only: an unrelenting commitment to quality. How do we live up to that standard? First and foremost, by working every day to make sure that the service our clients receive daily sets the standard for the rest of the market.

Our mission isn’t to garner a fee from you, but to save you time, effort, and money. Money lost on advertising that brings you a host of candidates that don’t fit, or on travel costs for candidates that are not committed, or on mechanisms that fail to produce. We work primarily on a contingency basis, because we are in this business to prove our worth to our clients. Simply put, that means that we deliver healthcare professionals that are interested in the opportunity for the right reason, are committed to making a change, and have gone through an extensive pre-screening process with our recruitment staff.

Our approach to qualifying professionals involves getting to know them, and identifying their specialization, strengths, background, tenure, logistics, preferred geographic location, etc. We spend the time to develop a Candidate Profile that provides our hiring managers with information you won’t find on the typical resume. Our initial conversations with professionals are not about positions we’re searching on – we talk to them about what interests them, how they see themselves making a move, and where they really want to be. After we become fully acquainted with their skill-set and background, we present them with the opportunities that match.

We provide weekly updates to our clients during the search process, including newly sourced professionals, as well as managing scheduling and providing other updates for those that are already in process. Even after we place a professional, we continue to follow up with them as added insurance that during the indoctrination and assimilation process they know what is expected of them, etc.

All of this is done to provide our clients with a staffing solution that makes finding the right professional a priority that we share with you.