Carolyn Hill



Carolyn Hill founded Alliance Resource Solutions with a vision of just what the name implies – building partnerships and alliances with other professionals and joining resources to help achieve success for all. Carolyn’s professional experience includes training and development, quality assurance, employee engagement, and hiring best practices, along with 15 years experience in a variety of roles focusing on Customer Satisfaction. Her recruiting experience crosses the industries of healthcare, mental health, telecommunications, investment banking and education. A personal challenge and reward is in helping professionals to find fulfillment in their life and career goals. As a Senior Healthcare Recruiter, this challenge is answered daily through a multitude of conversations, greetings and networking events with professionals from Advanced Practice Clinicians to Health Information Technology and Information Management.

Partnering with John Casale and RightWay Recruiting is an opportunity to align with exceptional, like-minded recruiting professionals and to present top talent to RWR and its clients. Carolyn’s insight and presence on the East Coast has proved to be invaluable to RWR.