About Us

RightWay Recruiting is an Executive Search firm that was formed to provide exceptional, confidential, and industry specialized recruitment services to the healthcare industry. We provide healthcare professionals with opportunities that fit their skill-set, challenge their creative thinking, and offer a more career-minded employment alternative. We focus on finding and recruiting industry leaders for our healthcare providers, those that possess the knowledge and experience necessary to provide an immediate impact in their new role.

Now more than ever healthcare professionals are exceptionally busy, and in high demand. Because of the continued growth in the healthcare sector, demand still outpaces supply which translates into multitudes of phone calls from recruiters that are looking to make a quick fee. Healthcare professionals find themselves on the phone with recruiters that possess little if any domain knowledge or industry savvy.

Our recruitment staff uses a different approach. We spend the time necessary to understand current trends, new regulations and compliance policy changes. We gain insight by regularly talking to Industry Leaders, and policy decision makers. As a result we’re able to talk to healthcare professionals about the complexities of healthcare compliance, why it’s necessary to develop electronic health information efficiencies, what it means to be accredited, and what skills are necessary for the positions that we fill. When it comes to what’s best for our Candidates, we spend time with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your background, credentials, career goals, current situation, and geographic preference. From there we develop an analysis/summary that highlights your marketable worth and emphasizes your most sought after skills. All of this is done to create a Candidate Profile that makes our professionals stand-out from others. Maybe that’s why after we place professionals we commonly hear “no one has ever represented me like you did” – “There’s someone that I’d like you to help”.

Early on, healthcare providers that we work with recognize that our staff takes the time to understand your needs, your challenges and what you’re looking for. Our Recruitment Professionals build long-term relationships with large Multi-Hospital Delivery Systems, short-term Acute Care Hospitals, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Healthcare Consulting Groups and other Healthcare Providers and build on those relationships commonly broadening search services over time based on additional needs. We offer a staffing strategy that is tailored to each Client where we take into consideration staffing requirements, while providing an affordable, customized staffing solution.

We operate on a national basis and many of our searches encompass a broad multi-state approach designed to find the right fit between professional and organization. A thorough recruitment process ensures that when it comes to relocation, there are no surprises.